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Panau Broadcasting Company

The Panau Broadcasting Company is a television and radio broadcasting company in Just Cause 2; pictured are their headquarters, which is the tallest building in Panau. The building's unnecessary size is a result of Baby Panay's attempt to bring power and glory to Panau. It has 4 medium size satellite dishes and the top has a single larger satellite dish.

The entire map

Stretching out 1035.55 km2 (400 square miles), the island is packed with dense jungle, arctic peaks, arid deserts and sun-bleached beaches, each populated with a variety of settlements in which to cause chaos. From ski resorts to submarine bases, towns and villages to a huge capital city, Panau is an island rich in variety.

Panau International Airport

Panau International Airport is the largest civilian airport in Panau, boasting the two longest civilian purpose runways in the country. The terminal buildings and control tower are very modern in design and built by the former government under Papa Panay's rule. He also built the highway system and the skyscrapers of Panau City.

Panau International Airport

When Baby Panay took power, he left the Panau International Airport avilable for civilians, most likely because he needed somewhere for people to travel to Panau in his scheme to make Panau attract rich foreigners.

Skull Island

Pulau Berapi is a military-controlled oil refinery and port in Just Cause 2. The name stands for "volcanic island" or "furious island" in Malaysian and Indonesian. The ground below the central part of the refinery in the north of the island forms a skull pattern. This can be easily spotted using the PDA.

Desert Airport

Kem Jalan Merpati is a military airport in Just Cause 2. The whole settlement covers a massive area. The airport itself consists of one runway, with a closed hangar located next to it. Along the runway, on the northern side, is where the Communications Outpost can be found.

Desert Airport

Pulau Dayang Terlena is a military airport in Just Cause 2. It's one of the biggest airports in Panau and consists of three runways: two facing north-east and one facing south-west. The airport has no SAMs at all. The camp, containing a biofuel shaft, is located on the eastern side of the twin runways.

Mile High Club

Located in the North East corner of the map above Pelaut Archipelago, the Mile High Club is a civilian night-club and brothel which boasts a bar and dancers. It's guarded by shotgun-wielding bartenders. What sets it apart from the competition is its location; it is a luxury airship, suspended in the sky by two large balloons.

Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is a civilian night-club and brothel that operates out of an "airship". The club also has a ground base, but it's not a part of the settlement. There are many advertisement posters for this club being carried around by the public transportation of Panau.

South Corner

The Senjakala Islands are an administrative unit in Just Cause 2. They're characterised by a jungle delta and a number of large offshore islands. Notably, one of these islands hosts the Three Kings Hotel. Its name is Malaysian for "Twilight" Islands. Boats are a common way of getting around in this area.


Each climate zone has its own unique weather system with dense snowfall creating peaks suitable for postcards, with tropical thunderstorms lighting up the night sky. Just Cause 2 has a dynamic day and night cycle, which covers 24 ingame hours in 1 real-life hour; this dramatically affects the appearance of the landscape.

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